Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going From Here

The Publication

Currently the magazine is focused on women globally; to inspire, inform & applaud them. It contains articles by internationally known experts/writers e.g.

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer (Personal Growth Advice),
  • Suze Orman (Money Advice),
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup (Health Advice), and
  • Business professionals writing on topics relating to: Recipes, Dating, Parenting, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, etc., sharing their business expertise and staff writers sharing inspirational women articles and other articles of interest to women.

Applaud magazine originated in 2003 as a print vehicle focusing on women in NH, MA & ME. In 2009 it became Applaud Women magazine and transitioned to a quarterly online magazine continuing with the same demographic.

In 2012 Applaud Women became Applaud Women LLC which just recently has transitioned into a global women’s magazine. We are very excited to see where it goes from here. So far Susan has connected with hundreds of women all over the country and some outside the country. She is very thankful to have this opportunity & to expand the support of her local readers and share her passion with so many women.

The magazine is published online quarterly. It is designed using professional graphics software in traditional magazine format, then uses Flipping Book software to create the look & interactions of a traditional magazine. It can be viewed on most mobile devices except the older model android cell phones. We also provide a pdf file for those readers who prefer not to read using the Flipping Book format or people using a Kindle.

The Mall

In 2013 the Intl Super Cyber Mall was created with 150+ National & International retail stores in 25 different categories; from Apparel to Travel, from High End to Low Cost for the entire family. Its purpose is to make shopping convenient by providing people with the ability to shop in numerous stores and allowing them to do all their shopping from one webpage. This not only saves the time required to open different web pages to shop but also allows for comparison shopping. The second purpose for the mall; saving money. As an affiliate marketer we have access to sales not necessarily available by email alerts or viewing the website. Finally using the mall allows you to cut down on the number of website bookmarks and bogging down your email inbox with numerous email sales alerts. And, no need to worry about losing your account information as long as you are using the same computer that you usually shop on. The individual websites will recognize your computer so that you can log on normally.

The Applaud Women publication is dedicated to women everywhere. It’s purpose is to inspire, inform, and applaud women. The core of the magazine is our inspirational women’s articles which feature women who we feel provide a unique inspiration for our readers. Our other articles cover topics of interest such as food recipes, home, garden, beauty, health, fashion, dating, parenting, seniors, finance, business, hair care, skin care, advice, real estate, insurance, etc. Each issue has a feature section as well. Many of our articles are written by local business people who provide information relevant to their business expertise. The Applaud Women website is also a resource center for women with pages including RSS feeds and links to helpful information about Health, Fashion, Beauty, Parenting, Dating, etc. To read the publication click here then click on the cover image to turn pages, print or download the entire magazine.