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The 10 Skin Care Commandments
Provided by Annie Loomis owner of Making Faces,
65 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH, 603-427-5454.
carries 20 National Beauty lines.
1.        CLEANSE your face EVERY SINGLE NIGHT
to remove dirt, oil, makeup and debris that you have
collected in your pores throughout the day.

PREVENTION use SPF, SPF, and SPF every day
for the rest of your life! Sun is the skin’s worst enemy and
is the #1 cause of aging our appearance! At least a daily
sunscreen of 15 preferably higher 30+ especially for out
door activity.

EYE CREAM a.m./p.m. to treat the delicate tissue
around the eye area that is aging us the fastest and gets
the most abuse with expressions, squinting and facial

TREATMENTS antioxidants, serums, retinoids,
all fight free radicals the other aging culprits and
restrengthen and replace collagen.  Always apply
BEFORE moisturizer and SPF.

 MOISTURIZER the true fountain of YOUTH!
Treat premature aging and preserve the skin! Knowing
your own skin type will better direct you into the strength
and type of moisturizer your skin best needs.

EXFOLIATE at least once to twice a week! This
will take off the dull outer layer of skin giving you a
healthier glow. It will also help fade discoloration and
dislodge stubborn dead skin cells for clearer, brighter
skin as well as allowing the better absorption of all your
anti-aging products.

ANTI-AGING do a once a month “over haul” with
a glycolic peel, microdermabrasion or mask that will
work to increase cell turnover and stimulate new collagen
to reduce sagging and wrinkles.

LIFESTYLE – Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Reduce
Stress, Avoid Unprotected Sun Exposure , NO Smoking,
Limit Alcohol

CHANGE products season to season due to so
many factors that can cause skin to act up.

MORE is NOT always better! Use only the
recommended product amounts since they are highly
concentrated and you can get too much of a good thing
causing you sensitivity or skin issues that you don’t truly
Summer Skin Beauty
Secrets from the Allure
Beauty Bloggers
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Summer beauty routines
Posted: May 25, 2009 10:06 AM      

Now that the hot weather has    
       arrived, is anybody
changing up their beauty/hair

I have been practicing updos
and will try to let my hair air dry
sometimes and put my hair in
a fancy updo. I'm going to start
with the gradual self-tanner
today. I guess this means I
have to shave my legs more
often, lol.

I like to use a gel bronzer on
my face in the summer, too, for
an extra glow.
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