We’ve Gone Global – It’s All Brand New So We Really Don’t Know for Sure What Our Demographics Will Be

Here’s What We Can Tell You.

Readership numbers for the magazine when focused in New England averaged 10K per issue. The reader demographics were as follows: women between the ages of 25 to 65+, with an annual household income of $35K to $250K+. Many of our readers are married, own homes and have children. The majority of readers fell into the middle of the age range from 30 – 50.

Starting in September we expanded our reach. This is what we are doing to increase our numbers:

We have created a National Advisory Board of visible, inspirational women all over the country. These women are part of our promotional team and well be advocating for us each month to promote the current issue of the magazine. To date we have women in CA, CT, NM, VT, NYC, Fl, TN, and more are joining.

We joined several affiliate networks who are now providing articles by internationally known writers, speakers, advisors e.g. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Suze Orman, Ali Brown, Dr. Christiane Northrup & several more. This is a huge motivator for new readers to check out the magazine.

We have invited new writers from other parts of the country to submit material and promote their articles to their social networks.

Finally we have used our own extensive social networks to expand our connections; joining at least 40 groups in Facebook, adding Instagram and to our networks and issuing a national press release announcing our expansion globally.

We realize that building a significant expanded readership will take some time so we have decided to maintain our current ad rates until we can get new statistics.

We can say at this point that we have coverage in 46 of the 52 US states. We also have coverage in: UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Netherlands, Singapore & Japan. Because our message is to women about women we anticipate our readership to expand exponentially.