There are speculations or perceptions and there are facts. It is easy to perceive the cost of best car insurance Florida has to offer to women being considerably higher than the premiums for men. One can also believe the opposite. It is necessary to know the facts and how the insurers go about changing their policies and the premiums depending on the profile of a driver.

Gender does play a role in influencing cost of car insurance according to data collected from It is one of the many factors, such as age, driving skills or experience, history of accidents and demographics. Gender is one of the factors included in overall demographics assessment. Insurance companies must provide all information pertaining to their policies to the regulators to justify what they are doing. However, only California has a law that prohibits any kind of assessment of risk on the basis of the gender of an insured. Insurance companies cannot use this as a criterion or influencing factor. Other states do not have such a law. The insurance companies in Florida can certainly use gender as one of the influencing factors. Whether or not they do so is another matter and should be considered on a case by case basis.

Traditionally, it has been men who have paid more for car insurance in Florida. Young men in particular are likely to pay much more. The first reason is relative inexperience. The second reason is risky behavior while driving. Young male drivers are more likely to be restless and careless on the roads. In comparison, young female drivers are deemed safer. This gets flipped as both male and female drivers grow old. The best car insurance Florida has to offer to older males is higher than what is available for older females. Women aged forty and above have to pay more than men of the same age. Women aged sixty and above pay even more. But men aged sixty five and above also witness a surge in the cost of insurance. Their premiums go up if they are not fully capable, either physically or mentally, of safe driving.

While there is a tendency among insurance companies to increase the premium for older women, there are insurers that have reasonable policies. The key here is to shop around at and find the best car insurance Florida has to offer to women drivers. It is quite possible an insurer has a policy cheaper for women than its premium for men.