Laura Boyce, Morning DJ, Rock 101

“I learned that just because I had to leave college for a while didn’t mean that I was limited in my possibilities. ..”

Laura Boyce, a morning DJ on Rock 101’s Greg and the Morning Buzz, didn’t always want to be on a morning radio show, but now knows she’s found the right place. “I’m so happy where I am, I can’t see myself ever leaving the family! Greg is like another Dad, and Roadkill and Andy are my brothers. It also helps that I’m not a total girly-girl!”

Originally an aspiring sports broadcaster, Laura took some time off from school and became a waitress at Hooters in Manchester, NH. Luckily for her, a sales representative from Rock 101 came in looking for advertising opportunities, and one of the managers, knowing that Laura wanted to make her way into broadcasting, connected the two. The sales rep asked if she would be willing to do commercials, and after proving herself, he wanted to see her continue to grow her career. Soon enough, Laura found herself putting together a show on 610 AM one night per week that would focus on Boston sports teams and this is where it all took off.

“This was the best way I could have gotten my foot in the door. The show ended up going five nights a week, and we’d broadcast right from Hooters. I did this for a year and a half, and then I heard about the position opening on the Morning Buzz. I learned that just because I had to leave college for a while didn’t mean that I was limited in my possibilities. I didn’t think I had a chance, but after three interviews, I got the job!”

Laura had grown up listening to Rock 101 and even felt as if she already knew everyone on the Morning Buzz. “I listened to them every day driving to school, it was like we were friends already.”

Even though this is the job of her dreams, it’s not all fun and games. What’s the biggest challenge? “MEN!” Laura jokes. “It’s hard to appeal to everyone, there’s a need for controversy and a need to be different. Despite all that, there’s always someone who relates to you. It’s a challenge trying to make the show pleasing for everyone, but we all embrace our differences.”

Reflecting on her time at Rock 101 so far, Laura says, “When you’re in this business, you always have to be willing to adapt and accept a challenge. If you don’t, you never grow and learn. I learn something new every day in my job and that makes it not only exciting, but scary! You have to be willing to accept that. Also, the hours are never set. If you are looking for a nine-to-five job, this is far from it, but it’s also one of the best experiences you could ever have. I love that my everyday life is incorporated into the show, from the morning show, to promotions and events. You have to be aware of everything going on around you because it could be a great on-air topic for the next day. Every day is a new and exciting adventure!”