Press Release- May, 2009

Applaud Goes Green and Expands to Provide the Most Comprehensive Resource Website for Women in NH & MA

Susan Caldwell owner/publisher of Applaud Magazine has launched a brand new website which includes an online publication along with
local and national resource information and links for women in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Raymond, NH (PRWEB) 5, May, 2009 – Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes a brand new, more comprehensive vehicle has been
created for women in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In 2002 Applaud Magazine was created to inform, inspire and applaud women in
New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Over the intervening 6 and half years the magazine expanded from a 16 page digest size publication to
an 80 page standard size magazine, becoming the premier magazine for women in both states. In March of this year owner, Susan Caldwell
decided that with the recent emphasis on going green and the poor economic climate Applaud Magazine as a print vehicle was no longer
serving its intended purpose. Applaud Women has been created to provide articles, information and resources for local women. View the
new Applaud Women at

“We are very excited about the amount and diversity of the information that we are now able to provide in one location”, says, Susan
Caldwell, owner and president of Applaud Women. “Because the internet provides unlimited space we are able to create a website where
local women can come for all their needs,” concludes Susan.

Applaud Women provides resource pages with listings of local restaurants, wedding information, female doctors, a general business
directory and a women’s business directory. In addition it has pages with information about health, parenting, fashion, dating and
inspirational women. It also has links to get the local weather and the latest celebrity gossip. Its goal is to provide whatever information that
local women need all in once place.

“We have not had a chance to upload information for all parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts yet. In fact, I have recently contacted
all the chambers to request that they fill in the missing information, “says Susan. Susan does request that you check the website first before
contacting her. Visit

Applaud Women provides a quarterly on-line local women’s magazine containing many articles by local professionals with the core of the
magazine focusing on local and national inspirational women. “My passion has always been to applaud those women who have achieved
success and inspire others to find and follow their dreams,” shares Susan. The publication has the capability to turn pages, print and
download in its entirety.

The summer issue of Applaud Women will be available in June. It will feature interviews with three authors including Cheryl Richardson best
selling writer and Coach. It will also profile several philanthropic women from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Applaud Women will continue to add more resource and informational pages. Anticipated additions will be school lunch menus, shopping,
nonprofit organizations and activities.

To learn more about Applaud Magazine, please visit