Susan J. Caldwell

Susan J. Caldwell, CEO, Publisher, Editor, Graphic Designer, Web

My story started in a sleepy little section of Long Island called Idle Hour, originally one of the estates of William K Vanderbilt. What had once been the mansion was owned by a subsidiary of Sealtest Foods where my dad worked creating new flavors of ice cream & we had Christmas parties in the Hunt room. It was pretty idyllic. Things changed pretty rapidly though when I went away to college, met a local guy before I’d even been there a year, got married at 18, and was a mom at 19. A couple years later after having my second beautiful little girl I realized that I needed to grow up fast and figure a way to get myself and my girls out of a bad situation. So I went back to college for my first Bachelor degree.

Some years later after visiting an old friend in New Hampshire I moved us here, used my BA in Liberal Arts to obtain a job with the state welfare organization and continued my journey as a single mom supporting my kids and seeking a better life. Believing that higher education was the right route to higher earnings and a more fulfilling life I earned another Bachelors (Accounting), which I used to work as an accountant/auditor for 11 yrs and finally looking for another career change earned a Masters in Elementary Ed. Before actually starting my third career, thankfully or not, life intercepted.

My parents passed away when I was in my 50’s and I decided that since I no longer was responsible for anyone else it was time to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up. With the help of tests, a great life coach and my own creativity I decided to create a magazine (yup back to school, but this time only a certificate in Graphic Design). Because I’ve always felt that women did not get the credit that they deserve and because I wanted to be someone who makes a difference I decided to focus my magazine on inspiring women and being a resource for providing them with the information to make the best decisions in their life.

Originally the magazine (Applaud magazine) was in print for 7 years but in 2009, like a lot of other publishers I transitioned to an online publication (Applaud Women LLC).

For 11 years, until the past fall I was focused on local women; in NH, MA & ME but after 11 years I decided it was time for a change. So now I’m excited to say that we will be celebrating women globally which really fits with my heart because I have always felt like a person of the world rather than any specific area, although I am partial to my home state of New York.

With that decision I changed my marketing & editorial plan to include affiliate marketing which has enabled me to add some wonderful articles by such internationally renowned writers/speakers as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Suzy Orman, Louise Hay and more. At the same time I also created an online mall with 150+ natl. & internal. retails stores. I think the best part of this whole journey is that I’ve had the opportunity to grow in skill, learning, and as a person but also because of the wonderful women that I’ve met along the way.