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7 Camping Destinations In Brazil For Waterfall Lovers

If you like adventure and contact with nature, you need to go camping at least once in your life. Mainly because, contrary to what some people might think, camping doesn’t always mean going through troubles or difficulties.

In Brazil, there are many wonderful places to camp. This is thanks to its large territory and biomes, which are very rich and diverse. And, when camping, you have the possibility to spend more days in nature and make the most of the moment of relaxation and rest.

One of the preferences of those who like to camp are waterfalls. Camping places near waterfalls have incredible views, in addition to the comfort of cooling off and relaxing in its waters.

It is not an easy task to define the best camping destinations for those who love waterfalls. There are many amazing places, which allow various styles of camping and comfort levels, according to the adventurer’s desire.

However, in this article, we have separated some of the best destinations in Brazil for you who love to venture into waterfalls. For sure, you will be enchanted by the landscapes and the experiences you can experience in these places.

Camping destinations near waterfalls

See, below, the list of places to camp near waterfalls and the most relevant information about each destination for those who want to make the most of a quick getaway from the daily rush.

Parque Da Cachoeira – Canela – Rio Grande Do Sul

Parque da Cachoeira is located in the municipality of São Francisco de Paula, about 18 km from the center of Canela and 25 km from Gramado.

As its name suggests, the park has several waterfalls of all sizes and shapes, and natural pools formed by the waters of the Cará River. All of them are incredibly beautiful.

The site is a private property for tourist purposes and has trails of all walking intensities and roads for quad bike rides, as well as attractions for extreme sportsmen and quiet spaces for camping.

In addition, the park has infrastructure of bars, restaurants, accommodation and its own camping area, with plenty of shade in the middle of a pine forest.

Pancas – Espírito Santo

Pancas is a small town in the interior of Espírito Santo, located 180 km from Vitória. Pedra do Camelo, Pedra Agulha and Pontoons are the postcards of the city.

The place is famous for both climbing and camping and is perfect for extreme adventures in the midst of preserved nature.

The region has an exotic landscape, in which giant stones stand out in the middle of beautiful green fields. Other radical activities that are practiced on site are abseiling and hang gliding.

Lost Paradise – Capitol – Minas Gerais

This tourist destination lives up to its name due to its incredible natural landscapes. In addition, it is a great place to practice camping, as it has excellent infrastructure, such as parking lots, hot showers and good restaurants.

Capitol has received more and more tourists interested in nature. That’s because the city has more than 15 waterfalls with crystal clear water, natural pools, with untouched nature, canyons and canals of Lake Furnas, perfect for boat rides and for diving.

You can accommodate yourself in the various campsites available, some with more comfort, others more rustic that allow you to enjoy nature in the best possible way.

Chapada Dos Veadeiros – Goiás

It is very worthwhile to visit the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. With several natural attractions, such as the Cachoeira do Garimpão and the Salto do Rio Preto waterfall, the place is home to the main natural beauties of the state of Goiás. It is one of the best places to camp near Brasília.

With crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls with waterfalls over 100 meters high, crystal mines, canyons, stone walls and, of course, many camping areas, in Chapada dos Veadeiros, you can go on several trails and adventure and rest amidst the nature.

Nova Friburgo – Rio De Janeiro

This small town in the interior is ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. It is the ideal destination to visit in winter, as it is a cozy, medium-sized city.

However, campgrounds are located in small towns and districts around them. The Cantinho Doce and Toca da Onça campsites are located in Lumiar, a rustic district known for its waterfalls and water sports. In the district of Amparo is Camping Canto da Siriema.

Iporanga – São Paulo

PETAR is the acronym for Alto da Ribeira Touristic State Park. It is a preserved area of ??the Atlantic Forest in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

Iporanga is the main city that gives access to the park, a place full of caves and waterfalls, where the first glamping (glamour + camping) in Brazil is located.

This type of luxury camping has accommodation in bungalows suspended in the middle of nature. And massage and jacuzzi are some of the services that are offered at glamping.

Chapada Diamantina – Bahia

If you like adventures, you’ve probably already heard about Chapada Diamantina. It is a region of natural and unique beauty, with very well preserved areas.

The place is a great option to be in contact with nature and to practice outdoor or adventure activities.

Inside, there are no campgrounds, but you can camp on your own. In the cities around you, such as Lençóis and Palmeiras, there are very well structured campsites that will provide you with more comfort.

Chapada Diamantina has incredible landscapes, with mountains that stretch into the horizon, waterfalls, caves, caves and much more. Each point in the park has a special attraction.

Camping in Chapada is, without a doubt, memorable. Few places allow this type of contact with extremely preserved nature.

Now that you know the main camping destinations for those who love waterfalls, you can plan and choose one of them to visit.

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