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Hi my name’s Carmen Carlock. I’m a proud mom of two and I just love to experience new things, cultures, food, new lifestyles and anything that might insight new life and fun into my life.

I’ve been living in my apartment in Baltimore, Maryland and absolutely love it here.

I moved here from a town in Maine where I was born and grew up there. However, it was around 6 years ago that I discovered my passion in life which was and is all about Living life to the full and educating yourself in all aspects of life around the home and at work etc.

After years of debating about it, I decided to write a blog. Since then, I haven’t looked back. My posts have been enlightening for people and have helped others to make life decisions and even change aspects of their life for the better.

I have created a number of blogs over the years and have written for a number of leading blogs. This blog is all about living and about lifestyle and how to make a difference. I aim to talk about a extensive range of subjects that might range from how to fix low water pressure on a boiler and to include articles about how to get rid of gum disease through to articles about how to fit double glazed windows and broader still to include articles about how to fit loft boards.

I started my blog as a hobby in the beginning, however, since then it has gone on to bring me in an income that has empowered me to blog full time. My focus is to research subjects that readers want to read about.

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