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Credit Without Endorsement, How To Get One

Having a credit without an endorsement is possible, there are financial products that do not need the support of an economic asset to apply for a loan when you want it.

The endorsement is an object of value that remains in guarantee to support the request for financing , it can be the property of another person or the same applicant: a car, a property, jewelry.

When you can cover the guarantee requirement with your own property, it is a simple process because you do not involve more people in the credit relationship; But when you don’t have the valuable object, things get complicated because you have to turn to someone else.

Not all people will want to be your guarantor, since they acquire the commitment to support the debt in case it is complicated to settle the requested credit in a timely manner.

Even so, if you do not have the guarantee, not everything is lost, there are alternatives that, although they require a guarantee to be able to issue the credit, they do not request an asset of value.

Payroll Credits

Some companies or labor institutions have the support for their employees to provide payroll credits, in which no endorsement or a good credit history is required because the guarantee is the worker’s own salary.

The payment of this personal loan is deducted directly from the payroll, this collection dynamics is reason enough for the finance companies to provide the credit product.

An example of this type of instruments are those handled by Crédito Maestro for employees in the education sector, workers of government institutions and retirees and retirees in Mexico.

A reliable and free procedure, with a minimum of requirements so that in less than two hours you have the requested money.

You can visit any of our branches or visit our website and fill out the form online , so our advisors to contact you and help you process your credit.

Forget about needing an endorsement, having a positive score in the Credit Bureau and making payments in a timely manner. Facilitate your finances with a credit via payroll and use your loan to improve your finances.

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