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Everything You Need To Know About Payroll Credits


If you tend to be late in the monthly payments of your cards or financing in general, payroll credits may be an excellent option for you, since when you periodically withdraw the payment directly from your deposit account, you will forget about the charges for lack of pay.

35.5% of the people in Mexico have a negative credit history as they are behind in the payment of their financial accounts, which closes the doors to access other credits or loans.

However, the instruments via payroll do not require endorsement , since the guarantee is the worker’s own salary, which facilitates access to financing for workers in whom their labor institution maintains a current agreement with the credit finance companies.

Use And Conditions

Unlike other credits such as automotive or mortgage, the use of these credits is indefinite, you can use it for whatever you want with a fixed rate and fixed monthly payments as well.

The amount of credit is established in relation to your salary and the time you have in your job, generally a minimum of three months of permanence in the current job is required.

Once the interest rate and the monthly amount to be paid have been agreed, they cannot be changed, although you are free to define the payment frequency. Remember, you must choose a frequency that does not alter your personal finances.


The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) recommends that the following be done before contracting a loan via payroll:

Review the terms and conditions well to know in detail the costs and commissions of the same.
Make a budget to verify your ability to pay.
Compare the Total Annual Cost (CAT) to choose the institution that best suits you.
Read all contracts before signing to avoid illegal or abuse clauses.

Credits Via Payrolls In Less Than Two Hours

With more than 19 years of experience, we are a financial institution that provides convenient, fast and secure loans via payroll, with the attention of certified advisers to guide applicants to choose their best financing option.

If you are a government, health or education worker, Crédito Maestro grants you an effective personal loan that you can process online in less than two hours, or through our branches and telephone lines to give you a response in less than 24 hours.

With us you do not need a positive score in the bureau, just check that your work institution has an agreement with us.

We also offer payroll credits for pensioners or retirees of the IMSS, to whom the monthly payment is made directly from the account where their pension is deposited, so that they can meet their expenses or grow their assets even in the retirement stage.

Your financial peace of mind is our priority, consult more information on our official site and process your credit via payroll with Maestro Credit.

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