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How To Make Saving Money A Habit

To make saving money a habit, you must follow a certain process that takes time, but then it is done so naturally that it no longer requires great effort.

1. Create A Plan

It all starts with having a plan . If there are no goals to achieve, it will be difficult to follow through and almost impossible for you to form a habit.

Start by taking small steps, for example, proposing to save 200 pesos per fortnight for three months; or, save 5 pesos a day for a month.

2. Set Realistic Goals

This brings us to the second point, which is to have realistic goals. This is more or less similar to people who want to lose 10 kilos in two months, to achieve it they will have to starve themselves and it is probably unhealthy.

In addition, it becomes so difficult to follow this type of diet that in a couple of weeks you will eat the same as before and regain the lost weight.

You may decide to save 2,000 pesos a fortnight, but if that limits your other expenses to the maximum, it is most likely that you will only save a couple of fortnights.

Saving is something that you must maintain in the long term, so the amounts you set have to be comfortable for your budget, without being too tight.

3. Set Reminders

Post reminders on the refrigerator door, on the agenda, near the television, on your desk, or on your cell phone.

Create all the reminders you need, so you don’t forget to separate the amount you have to spend on savings according to your plan.

4. Celebrate Reaching Your Goals

Once you’ve reached a goal, celebrate it. Reward yourself with an afternoon of rest, your favorite drink or treat yourself, but avoid spending everything you have saved.

Every time you reach a goal, celebrate with something different, so you stay motivated for longer.

5. Repeat

In order for a habit to form, you need to repeat the process over and over again, so you need to start over with the plan.

Continue with the same one that you already had, a couple more times, once you feel comfortable, you can try to increase it, for example, save a little more or for a longer time.

Above all, do not be discouraged if at some point you interrupt it early, this is normal at first, before you start to form the habit, the most important thing is that you start it again as soon as possible.

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