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How To Prepare For Your Camping Experience At Night With Nature

Camping is a very pleasant activity that provides many benefits. But it can discourage people who don’t understand camp dynamics. After all, camping is a means of accommodation, but it is much more associated with a lifestyle.

But if you are passionate about nature and are willing to spend the night in the woods, there are important items, in addition to essential equipment, such as a tent, clothes and food, that can make your camping night much more enjoyable.

Read on and check out the most relevant information to prepare yourself and ensure a more comfortable night in nature.


Even though there is more weight to carry, it is very important to choose the tent for camping.

So, think beforehand about how many people will sleep inside it. There are light tents, weighing between 0.5 to 1.5 kilos and holding up to two people. If you bring a larger tent, you may end up carrying too much weight unnecessarily, as the larger ones, which accommodate more than three people, weigh between 3 and 10 kilos.

Also, you must consider the type of trip and the weather at the destination place.

If you are traveling to very cold and mountainous places, there are specific tents, specially made for camping in icy mountains.

They are more waterproof and wind resistant, and therefore heavier and more expensive.

If you are going camping in a warmer place, the ideal is to choose summer tents. They are much lighter and ventilated, and therefore only suitable for places that already have camping facilities or mild temperatures.

Sleeping bag

Even with the ideal tent, you can still end up feeling cold at night while camping, especially if you don’t have a sleeping bag, or even inappropriate gear.

In cooler places, consider investing in warmer bags made from goose feathers. Look for the bag suitable for the temperature of the camping site and, preferably, take one that has a resistance of at least 5ÂșC lower than expected. Thus, you guarantee a more comfortable night and avoid unforeseen weather forecasts.

The sleeping bag is useful even in warmer places. There are models ideal for summer, and it will make your night more cozy.

thermal insulation

A very important tool to prevent you from getting cold in your campsite is thermal insulation. They are placed between the sleeping bag and the tent floor and, in addition to smoothing out any unevenness in the ground, they also prevent your body from losing heat to the icy rocks.

There are several models of thermal insulators, with different materials, thicknesses, weights and volumes, including inflatable ones, which are the easiest to carry, due to their practicality and smaller volume.


Most people simply prefer not to use the pillow when camping.

But, there are some brands that produce small and light pillows especially to be used on these occasions. There are also some inflatable models, which take up practically no space and weigh very little.

However, if you don’t want to invest in this equipment, use your creativity. You can use some clothing folded, or wrapped in a towel, and it will become a pillow. It’s worth an effort to guarantee this comfort.

Some people even use the regular pillow, but it can take up a lot of space or disturb your camping if you need to carry it on your walks.

foam mat

The advantages of using the foam mat to increase your comfort are that it has low cost, light weight and great practicality, since it is not necessary to inflate it.

However, a disadvantage is its volume, as it will be one more utensil to be carried. And it can get in the way if you’re camping in different locations during your trip.

Air mattress

Nowadays, basically, people do not use foam mats anymore, as there are already more advanced technologies, such as the air mattress.

Among the advantages of investing in a mattress of this model, we can mention that it is much more comfortable than the common mat. In addition, it does not require the use of a thermal insulator, as it does not allow direct contact between your body and the ground.

Its disadvantages include the weight, which prevents it from being used for trekking, a higher price when compared to the common mat, the time-consuming assembly, as it needs to be inflated, and the need for auxiliary equipment to inflate it.

In addition, there is the possibility of it piercing, which would destroy all your camping comfort.

Self-inflating (and insulating) mat

To solve the problem of lack of comfort and practicality in a camping, today, there is already a self-inflating mat. In addition to not requiring the use of thermal insulation, they are 2 in 1 products, which bring all the comfort to your camp.

Usually, when rolled up, they are similar in size to a thermal insulator, but they are heavier than EVA.

They are called self-inflating because they have a valve that, when activated, begins to absorb air and inflates, without the need for a bellows or pump.

However, its main disadvantage is the price, which ends up being much higher than that of the two types of mattresses and the thermal insulation.

To ensure an even better camping experience, know how to choose an ideal place to set up your tent. It should be away from hazards, rocks and preferably in a dry place with no risk of rain.

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