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How To Project The Correct Image For Our Clients

For entrepreneurs, personal image can become a great business tool. Because the first impression we make when we visit a client, or through the photos we post on social media, can help us build trust, or quite the opposite. And to convey the right message , or to give the wrong impression about our mission and values.

This data has become even more relevant in recent years, with the rise of the Internet and digital communication platforms. Now, all photography, posting and interaction are recorded. And therefore, we cannot neglect aspects such as the clothes or accessories that we wear, but also the way in which we address others.

Of course, it is about thinking of our image as a strategic tool , and working on it on a regular basis. But also that it is authentic, and that it is connected with our personality, style, and personal and business values.
To achieve this, there are three elements that you should take into account . Let’s see what they are.

1. Your brand message

Who you really are? The keys to your personality must be aligned with your personal image . Because otherwise, you will end up copying others, imitating styles and gestures, and transmitting a weak message. If you don’t understand what moves you, what makes you unique, and what you want to change in the world, then you will be unable to generate authentic connections with your target audience.

Again, it is not about “dressing up”, but about showing the best we have to become true allies of our clients . For example, if you work in the creative industries, you probably have a more unstructured attitude to life and are interested in fashion. And you can show it through garments with some original design details, or with touches of more daring color. Always thinking of projecting a professional image.

two. Show what you’re good at

The image we project is not only influenced by our way of dressing, or our haircut, but also by all the messages we transmit to tell us what we do and why we are the best at what we do. In addition, it is important to define the communication channels that we are going to use, and to converse with our audience on a regular basis .

For example, if your business offers accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses , it is essential that you publish articles regularly on LinkedIn (Instagram, in this case, would not be the best option). You can also give conferences and workshops at events for entrepreneurs or SMEs , or publish articles in specialized media . And do not forget to always accompany those contents with your image, so that people remember you, and associate you with the knowledge and experience they need to achieve their goals.

3. Generate alliances

Finally, to create a relevant image in your sector of activity , it is essential that you stay active and in contact with other players. And to achieve this, nothing better than organizing or participating in joint initiatives that connect your personal brand with others. For example, through alliances to launch new products or services, training events or campaigns to help a vulnerable sector of society.

In difficult times, people understand that it is not possible to get ahead alone, and they value collaboration and generosity more than ever . That is why it is so important to associate your image and your personal brand with those values . And don’t forget: always focus on projecting an authentic but strategic image. Don’t leave anything to chance.

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