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Tips for wearing short sleeved shirts

The short sleeved shirt is ideal for hot days, but this does not mean that it should only be worn in informal outfits. If you know how to combine them, you can use it for formal events, without betraying your style.

It is a garment that has a bad reputation and that many men avoid to not look informal or even childish, but here we are going to teach you how to combine it in such a way that it will become your new favorite garment, especially now that the heat begins and that we all want options that make us look good without losing the comfort that we all seek.

First, it is important to choose correctly and for that we identify the styles and cuts:

The sleeve and neck: It is essential, to look stylish, to look at the shape and size of the sleeves and neck. One collar that always works is the Camp-collar, or Cuban-style collar, slightly open and with no top buttons, creating a relaxed effect. The ideal is that the sleeves should not be very wide because that is usually the image with which we associate the shirts that everyone criticizes.

The short sleeved shirt has two good references. The 50 ‘s style is tight, inside, with rolled up sleeves. The 70 ‘s style is usually plaid and jeans.

Printed but discreet

There is no need to go overboard with the print on your shirt. They must be as discreet as possible, and preferably, have no more than three colors. What you can do to create a bold look without going overboard with the pattern is to create a monochromatic outfit and have a different color that stands out from the rest.

Short sleeves, but not too long

Shirt sleeves must be no higher than mid-bicep. This style lacks elegance and looks like a forced look, and even childish, if you want to give it an extra look and shorten the sleeves without exaggerating, you can give it one or two folds and create a 50’s look that looks good and with a lot style.

Tie: yes, or no?

If it’s your style, then go ahead, contrasting a casual piece like a short-sleeved shirt with a formal accessory creates a bold outfit that not many dare to wear, much less in the right way. You can combine it with dress pants and tennis shoes to create a challenging look.

You can wear it under the suit

When the situation calls for it, wearing a shirt a few shades lighter than the suit creates a successful and functional combination without risking too much. Not everyone dares to create a formal look with short-sleeved shirts, but dare to try something different.

The short-sleeved shirt is perfect for this season and the heat of spring, you can look great without the discomfort of the temperature.

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