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5 Ideas To Make Your Product Photos Stand Out

Selling online is the best strategy for those businesses that want to expand their customer base, reach more remote geographical areas and sell more. Like yours! But whether you have your own online store, or land in a marketplace, making your brand stand out among so many available options is one of the main challenges you are going to face. And at this point, product photographs play a key role.

Because it is not just that they are beautiful photos, or professional. In such a visual age, we have to compete for the attention of our potential customers with thousands of other images. And then, they also have to be original, and capable of transmitting the differential value of the brand.

So today we are going to share with you five practical ideas so that you can publish product photos that stand out more . And that you can take advantage of both for your e-commerce and for your social networks. Shall we start?

1. Connect images with ideas and values

Today, people look for in many products not only the solution to a problem or need, but also an emotional satisfaction, or a connection with certain values . And with the photographs, you can communicate that differential proposal. Let’s see a concrete example.

Cacao Nativa is a brand of chocolate bars and bonbons, which uses cocoa from Chiapas producers through fair trade practices . In its premises it has an area for the sale of products and another for a cafeteria. And with photos like this, he invites his followers to consume not only a hot chocolate , but a drink that connects with the most traditional flavors of the Mexican land.

2. Show the heart behind your brand

Another great way to give your business identity, and make your products stand out, is for you to appear in the photos yourself. How? Highlighting their benefits, showing how they are used, and giving tips to get the most out of them. Let’s see how they do it in Aceituna and Paco.

This online store, founded by two friends, is dedicated to finding and marketing vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. “The Vintage Queen” is not only one of the owners of the business, but also one who shows through photographs how the different pieces in stock can be combined to create super striking looks . In the end, who is going to be more of a fan of your products than yourself?

3. Join brand ambassadors

To make your product photographs stand out, you can also include other brands or people who can fulfill the role of allies , or brand ambassadors. One option is to do it with people who use your products , and who have an interesting level of influence in their own community. For example, if you sell clothing or accessories, you can contact a personal image specialist, or a fashion blogger .

4. Sample product kits

The launches of special promotions (such as the Hot Sale), or festive dates such as Mother’s Day or Children’s Day, are the ideal occasion to show different items united by a common thread . For example, their ideal use, that they have the same color or material, or that they are part of a product kit.

Let’s look at the case of La Cueva del Yogi , a store selling items for the practice of yoga and meditation . In this photo, which he shares on his Instagram account, the brand shows a zafu, or meditation cushion, as the main product . But through this post, he also recommends the purchase of a seven-metal bowl , which with its different sounds allows you to focus on what you hear, and thus avoid distractions.

5. Inspire with original ways of wearing

Finally, don’t just show how to use your products, but invite your customers to be creative. This can also be a great way for your followers to share their own images and act as ambassadors for your brand . This is what The Dignanis does , an online store of scarves or scarves with unique and colorful prints.

What new ideas are you coming up with for better photos for your product?

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